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Sharper Image UV Phone Sanitizer


Sharper Image UV Phone Sanitizer

Your phone has more germs than a toilet seat. Microscopic contaminants are all around us. They are on the surfaces we touch and the objects we use every day. Some of these can be seriously harmful to your health and cause various medical issues. Washing your hands can help, but this is not as common as it should be. Why not have a little extra protection just in case? The UV dual bulb light kills 99.9% of germs on contact. The portable design allows it to be carried around discreetly and easily. Interior dimensions of chamber allow for a variety of commonly used objects to be sanitized and cleaned! How to sanitize and charge your device Begin by connecting the micro USB power cord to the power port and open-up the lid and place your device inside the sanitizing chamber and close. Push the power button located at the top to begin the sanitizing cycle. To sanitize the opposite side, turn your device over and repeat the above steps. A phone charging opening is also provided to allow


Sharper Image UV Phone Sanitizer

weesied 5
SO very pretty! Thank you!

Sharper Image UV Zone Phone Sanitizer 2pack - YouTubeSharper Image UV Zone Phone Sanitizer 2pack - YouTube
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Sharper Image UV-Zone Phone SanitizerSharper Image UV-Zone Phone Sanitizer
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Danielle Kehoe 5
These were really cute and a great way to animate one of my favorite foods into an emote!

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Cheri Farmer 5
Multiple purchases from this shop. Always happy.

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Sharper Image UV-Zone Phone & Accessory Sanitizer As Seen on TVSharper Image UV-Zone Phone & Accessory Sanitizer As Seen on TV
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Sharper Image UV-Zone Phone Sanitizer | eBaySharper Image UV-Zone Phone Sanitizer | eBay

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